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A data-driven creative house in The Netherlands

Rotterdam, February 29, 2016

YipYip is a data-driven creative shop that primarily focuses on mobile design and development. Currently comprised of a team of eleven, YipYip is a full-service agency that offers customers everything from design, strategy, back-end development, and even social media strategy. Created in 2010, YipYip has grown to be a top leader in its industry in The Netherlands, as well as taking on some clients in the United States, Belgium, and the Dutch Antilles.
We chatted with YipYip’s Creative Director and Founder, Tim Nooteboom, to learn more about the team’s success in Rotterdam. When asked to describe his agency in three words, Tim selected apps, data, and innovative design. With just a quick glance around YipYip’s website, one can see how very fitting those words actually are.

What project/client presented a challenge for your team?

Currently we are working on a project with a marketing agency here in our city, with the end client being the City of Rotterdam. The product is called a “Rotterdampas” and it allows the user to get discounts or offers on events and restaurants throughout the city. Our team had to start from scratch and make a completely new server, that also connected to the old, existing server. Overall, the project was a huge technical challenge for us, but I’m happy to say we accomplished the task as the product launches in a week. It’s nice also, because as we live here in Rotterdam, it’s an app that we can use and enjoy!

What is your story with design and technology?

My passion started when I was in secondary school. I found I had a deep interest in all things related to tech. I began, as most people start out, building computers from scratch and experimenting with system administrations. At one point, I was interning at a Help Desk in IT, and I had the realization that I wanted to create something of my own instead of simply fixing the computers and programs of others. I ended up getting my Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences at the University of Rotterdam in Communication & Multimedia-Design and did two internships in this time to gain experience. After that, I eventually teamed up with a former classmate to create YipYip.

What does the word creativity means to you?

To me, creativity is working within constraints. Often times people misunderstand creativity to mean they must be completely original. I don’t see it that way. Whatever problem is present, creativity is working to find a solution that exactly fits the constraints of the project. If the solution is extremely unique but not being used in the right way, then you don’t get much out of the end product.

What do you do for inspiration?

Yip-Yip-TIA-Quotes-2016As the Creative Director, I don’t get to design too much on the job. So when I have some time I like to work on my personal designs ( I follow a lot of creatives on dribble and project hunter. I especially enjoy Tobias van Schneider, the former Lead Product-Designer and Art-Director at Spotify. He has his own newsletter as well as publishes on Medium.

Please list 3 of your favourite digital brands:

Slack is for me one of the best start-ups at the moment. I also enjoy Product Hunt because there are a lot of great products on there and they attract the most creative people in the business. It’s really inspiring to see a featured creative become an almost instant success for the world to see. As a designer, I love using Dribbble.

What is a digital trend that is here to stay a while?

Currently, we get lots of requests to make apps that are based on the “Uber” business model. In my opinion, this is a model that keeps on being used, and will be for some time. I’m not sure that is necessarily a good thing, but what you see with companies like Airbnb and Uber is that they see a lot of growth by creating a product that is really scalable. Scalable solutions is more of a business trend impacting the industry as a whole.

What advice do you often give to people who are starting to work in 
your same field?

Learn to learn. What I mean by that is, teach yourself to always be absorbing and taking in new skills. Be interested in growing and learning new technologies as they arise, all while trying to use them for your own good. I would also tell young people to network as much as possible. My network has helped me a lot personally, especially when we started the business. It’s a lot easier to ask a friend or business colleague about a problem they’ve already dealt with.


To learn more about YipYip and Tim, be sure to check out Yip Yip online and Tim on Twitter (@timnoo), Linkedin (, or Dribble (