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A Young Moroccan Agency On the Rise

Casablanca, May 30th, 2016

Mohammed-Choukari-Digital-MoroccoBased in Casablanca, MoWeb Media focuses on all things digital for its clients both in Morocco and outside of the country. Website design and development, branding, community management, email marketing, and social media marketing are just a few of the tasks done at MoWeb Media. As a full-service agency, MoWeb Media offers a one-shop stop for clients looking to conquer the digital world.

What started in 2015 as an agency primarily working with Moroccan-based clients has since grown to boast clients in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, and also Egypt. MoWeb Media is a young business, but this doesn’t mean its team is lacking in talent. Quite the contrary, the founder and CEO, Mohammed Choukari, has a wealth of experiences that include self-teaching himself graphic design and later moving into website development and digital marketing overall. Mohammed has worked as a freelancer since 2005 and developed business relationships with a wide array of clients. He took a leap and decided to found his own shop and now employs a vibrant team of developers, designers, and digital marketing specialists.

If you could describe your agency in 3 words, what would those be?

Strategic, passionate, and innovative.

What kind of challenges do you and your team face?

Mohammed-Choukari-QuoteIt can be hard to keep up with the trends. We do our best, Even though there are a lot of trends spread across social media marketing and digital marketing as a whole. In this industry, I’ve learned the importance of staying updated on the newest strategies and technologies.

What is a campaign your team is particularly proud of?

Recently we did some projects for a Moroccan client that is a leader in events and concert festivals here in Morocco. We are still working on their social media campaign, but so far we’ve seen huge amount of growth and inbound marketing in just the two months of the campaign. We’re excited to have it grow even more and be a part of a fun project like this one.

How did you become interested in the industry?

I taught myself basic graphic design when I was kid, maybe ten or eleven, and just went with it from there. Graphic design became my passion and from that I grew into other areas like web development that lead me into other digital marketing tactics.

What does the word creativity mean to you?

You provide a message through art or an innovative strategy. It’s about crafting that message in a different way as a means to reach the target audience. It should be beautiful and well-designed, but it’s most important that this creativity makes sense with the end-goal. Without that sense of purpose, creativity accomplishes very little.

Are there online publications, professionals, industry leaders you follow for inspiration?

I always follow other entrepreneurs on their ventures doing big things. I also watch a lot of videos about digital entrepreneurs and devour a lot of books. I listen to podcasts as often as I can, always in the car and really just anywhere I can access them. These podcasts mostly revolve around topics of digital marketing, marketing in general, and entrepreneurship.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I used to be a gym addict, I was working out like 2 hours a day for 5 days a week, But after starting the agency, it changed. Right now I just want to keep up, get off work, and take a walk or go for a jog somewhere to stay healthy. I prefer spending time outdoors and moving my body that way instead of the gym after long days.

Please list a few of your favorite digital brands:

Slack is my favorite communication tool. I also love Instagram, Snapchat, and, of course, Google and IOS. Evernote is also a digital brand I enjoy using regularly.

Which areas of the world do you find particularly creative?

Ukraine, Europe, and L.A.

Where do you see the industry going in 5 or 10 years?

I believe VR (virtual reality) is taking over and businesses are not yet sure how they will take advantage of it. I think a lot of audiences will use it eventually, but it’s still in the developmental phase currently. Some people are ignoring it right now, but it will take over eventually. As soon as the recipe for using the technology on everyday consumers is figured out, we will start seeing more of VR.

What advice do you often give to people who are starting to work in 
this field?

Be patient. Working in this industry requires a lot of research and hard work. Ideas don’t matter as much anymore. Without execution, ideas are nothing. There is a lot of studying required to back a great idea. I would also say to young people it’s important to be open to the next trend, and on your toes. If you aren’t paying attention you may just miss the next big thing.


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