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Digital agency life: 5 ways to run a meeting

January 11th, 2016

Meetings are essential, they represent an inevitable part of business and organization. But it can turn into a serious challenge, depends on your audience, the subject and the atmosphere you want to set up. For more serious items, open brainstormings, presentations during a lunch, how can you approach your subject and attract your audience’s attention in the best possible way?

At TIA, we want to share with you five amazing ways used by agencies to run their meeting.

1. The learn and lunch session

A lunch and learn session is a good way to mobilize our team for 30-45 minutes of training or presentation. At Razorfish and Rufus Leonard, this program is already applied.

2. The cozy reunion

What’s better than being comfortable during a reunion ? At DigitasLBI France and at Koozai, they’ve found their best way to be more efficient.

3. The small groups

Depending on the aim of the reunion, small groups are always mostly used. Digital agencies as Mirum agency or High Access would rather take this option.

4. The digital meeting

We are digital means we are connected! Making a fast stand up meeting is also a good way to say hi to all our members! At Everyone and at Canvas, they get it!

5. The outside meeting

For a bigger session, some of them have chosen to go outside. For 6S Marketing, the next meeting will be held at the Chambar Restaurant.

This is just a few selection of what we saw those last days. But we want to learn about you, how do you manage your own meetings? Do not hesitate to share with us! #Digitalagencylife