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How to lead a digital agency in Sweden

Stockholm, February 4, 2016.

Marc-Andersson-ProfileChamps & Chimps, a sweden digital agency dedicated to creating the most remarkable products based on their clients’ needs. Its CEO Marc Andersson talked with TIA about digital marketing channels, the importance of digital brands, the advantages on leading a team and their relation with clients. Come on and take a look!

In your opinion, which is the strongest digital marketing channel?

I think you can’t say it like that because for all costumers is really important to be on every social media platform. And it depends on what kind of target group you have. You can’t think that you are going to be strong on Facebook for ever because things changes all the time.

Which are your principal words of motivation to your team when you start a project?

I think the biggest motivation for them is to be able to work with advanced technologies. Because we are a small company and is very easy for a lot of developers go to another company so why should they work for us? That’s something we work every day. We don’t have any fix working at our company. You start the day when you want to and you go when you want to. I think the real motivation is to being treat like a real human being and not like a slave.

In your opinion, which are the advantages on leading a team?

We do everything like a team. For us, is really important that. You get some interesting perspective working in a team like ours, because someone has done this, someone has done something else, so it really helps to solve all the projects. I also think that this is something we can give our clients and other agencies can’t. We are all the team working single handly.

Which was your principal or more important project as an agency with your team?

We’ve been working lately with a project with Samsung because it really represented what we can do.

Which digital brands do you think are going to be the most important?

I think that Google is obviously a monopoly in digital industry, but we can mention some smaller and new brands that are growing, like Snapchat. However, I think that the most important brands are brands that we don’t know yet because things are changing so fast right know, your time is speeding up, techonology is come and go and also Google is going to die some day: sooner or later somebody is going to do something better than Google and that’s going to be a new brand.

What clients value most in their agency relationchips?

I think that the human dialogue. They want to meet the person also. Basically have fun, make them smile. We send them a lot of fun YouTube videos to start like that. My partner says that: “nobody wants to take a lunch with a vacuum clean sells man”. You can always talk about selling stuff. We want to be persons who you want to hangout with.

Why do you think clients leave some digital agencies? Which would be the reason?

I think that one reason is that some agencies try to be digital and then they release that is hard to be digital. They don’t know enough to really do great things. They tried the digital media and it didn’t work for them. I think that is one of the principal reason that some clients chose to invest in digital media and then they just don’t do it anymore.