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Decibel Digital announces the launch of a new website for Dogs Trust

London, July 16, 2015

Digital experience design agency Decibel Digital have recently launched a responsive website for Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, caring for around 16,000 dogs at their nationwide network of 20 rehoming centres each year. The previous website was over 6 years old and was in need for a new direction and digital strategy, inclusive of being responsive to optimise the website across all device types. This was an opportunity to focus on some key objectives and to reposition as the ‘go-to’ hub for all dog-related issues by creating simple pathways and functionality for the public to engage with Dogs Trust in a much easier way.

Decibel Digital PR

Decibel Digital’s strategy was as follows:

Stakeholder interviews
Decibel Digital conducted interviews with key internal and external stakeholders to identify the key vision and direction for the new website, and to help to turn around any of the challenges faced by Dogs Trust customers.

The clear objections for the new site:

  1. To boost rehoming

Make it easier for visitors to search for dogs, and to entice people to visit Dogs Trust centres across the UK

  1. Drive sponsorship

To look at ways in which to increase the number of donations received per annum

  1. Education

Raise awareness around campaigns and issues, and of the great work done by Dogs Trust

Card sorting

Starting with a content audit to evaluate the effectiveness of each piece of content on the current site, we followed up with a card sorting exercise, to organise the content in a way that was intuitive to users. The output of both these steps proved very useful leading into the prototyping and design stages. Users would now be able to search for a dog via breed, size and location, through a clean and engaging interface.

Prototyping and design

An iterative process meant that prototyping the site architecture was a collaborative and evolving process, whilst continuous testing and optimisation were also key to the final solution. Decibel Digital used various analytics and testing tools, as well as their in-house behavioural analytics tool Decibel Insight to bridge the gap between the website data collected and testing stages. This process allowed for intelligent hypothesis to be formulated. This project was also an opportunity to develop the Dogs Trust brand online. Aimed at all ages, we were to create a new visual language that could sit beside their already established brand, whilst championing the content, and most importantly, the dogs. The team at Decibel Digital completely transformed the look of Dogs Trust website, creating fresh design conducive to achieving the primary goals for Dogs Trust.

About Decibel Digital

Based in Tech City (Shoreditch) in London, Decibel Digital has been established for nearly 15 years; creating websites and driving digital strategies for enterprise clients and global corporations. For more information about Decibel Digital, click here.