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Top Interactive Agencies / Best Digital Agencies | January 17, 2017

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Donny Escolastico: “We help brands who know what stories they are trying to tell and we identify what they would like to build.”

New York, October 23, 2015.

Maxburst is a top rated digital agency focused on creative and results driven solutions. Whether it’s to increase profits, provide support, sell products or promote your brand, allow our web design services to bring your company front and center. Its Lead Art Director, Donny Escolastico talked with TIA about their ideal work process, brands advanteges on contact them and how can they help brands to create a firm identity and also his ways of inspiration and background career.

How is it a day in your life?

I guess my day starts taking a cup of coffe, getting the dog out and then checking my email and seeing what’s going on for the day. Getting to the office and metting with my design team, my project managers and seeing what are my priorities for the day and the ideas that the team has and getting to work into the many projects we have in the agency.

We would like to know more about one project, one that was important for the agency and the future projects if you have some.

One future project that we are currently working on is for a tracking company. It’s actually in development, we have worked with them in the past and they need to have a new image. They wanted to be more open feel, to feel more modern. That specific project was very nice because we knew exactly what the client wants. Planning the project and all the communication has been great. We also worked very well with their designers, marketing team and their CEO. I think that was also a great point knowing what problems they currently have and what problems they are trying to solve. Donny-Escolastico-Profile

What tips are included on having a project with Maxburst?

I would say having a project with us can be really a succesfull thing. I think the important thing is trying to find the specific problem you have because trying to fix that is the service you are trying to do. You can also have a lot of important problems and in those cases you have to prioritize: this is problem number 1, focus on this, problem number 2. I think those are the most important tips on having a project with us.

What are brands advanteges on contacting Maxburst?

I think we are very close to clients and we know all about brand identity. There are so many advanteges, but I think that we actually follow any brand rules and we always bring something new to the table, something fresh.  We love working close with the client.

What are your ways or resources of inspiration?

I receive inspiration on libraries groups, where everyone brings their own individuality to the table. But I get the most inspiration on the web, rather be in a lot oh design sites, see what other designers are doing. We work very close to NY, so it isn’t difficult to us to make a trip to the city, visit a museum and get inspiration from them too, see what’s going up, what are the new tendencies.  I think all the art perspective is my favourite to get inspired.

Which other countries do you think are the most important to get inspired?

I would say that Ucraine because there are a lot of fresh ideas, a lot of clean minds, a lot of organize concepts. It’s a totally different culture and I think is nice to see what’s going on the other side of the world. Sometimes you get stuck on your own things, on your own world and it’s interesting on move a little bit and see what else is going on.

How did you start on digital marketing?

I’ve always been a little artist. I was always painting and then I realized that I could make graphic designs. Then I met my business partner Andrew while I was working freelance as a designer in a company and we started to work together designing websites for clients. This was about 10 years ago and we were growing to nowadays, where we are also in the business side.  I have a business background, an artist background and a technology background.

What is your ideal work process?

The ideal process is being serious with the specific problem, when the clients comes to you and presents their problems, try to solve that problem in a multiple ways, not one only way but then try to find the best solution to that problem. The most important thing is being sure about your work and your experience.

How can you help brands to create an entirely new corporate identity? How do you think you work with that?

Well, you have to see the targeting, what brands wants, which problems are they trying to solve, what the competition looks like –because everyone has a competition and it’s really important-, what stories are they trying to tell. If brands could answer to this, is that they are having an idea of what they wanted to be, what identity they would like to build.