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DPDK awarded for new 7UP website

In collaboration with PepsiCo, creative agency DPDK recently unveiled the new Dutch website for the soda brand 7UP, having already received awards from three competitions because of its innovative and animated platform.

The site combines a premium product portfolio with the graphic heritage of the 7UP brand. Building on the refreshing nature of the product, it shows off all products in photorealism and combines them with graphic animations in style of iconic heritage packaging and advertising. To top it off, DPDK added an innovative yet easy way to navigate.

The objective set up by 7UP was reaching young adults between the ages of 20 and 29. That’s why the focus of the site was on reflecting the refreshing and authentic character of the brand, while highlighting its authentic, trustworthy and confident characteristics.

“We wanted the website to pop and fizz just a like 7UP. That meant going wild with animations. Each page has its own themed transition: unique set of animations made on the heritage of 7UP. Click around, you won’t find the same animation twice,” DPDK said when describing the new website.

The website is fully animated, combining photography, graphics and animations. Each page has its own themed transition: a unique set of animations made on the heritage of 7UP. The production involved using CSS3 software and body moving animations, while designing a soundtrack, a never ending scroll and side bar navigation.

Soon after being developed, DPDK’s site for 7UP was awarded at the Awwwards, CCS Design Awards and FWA for the innovative and digital characteristics of the website. The awards recognize the work of web developers and celebrate those who build quality code, interoperable across modern browsers and devices.

DPDK was founded in 2001 to build exceptional products with design & technology. The agency delivers creative strategy and digital production for a wide range of engaging projects and products. Designers, technologist, producers and thinkers are part of it, working with a shared passion for innovation and creative ideas.

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