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DPDK opens US Office in New York

The exceptional business growth seen by Dutch digital agency DPDK has led it to implement a new expansion plan, hiring more employees in its Rotterdam office and opening a new branch in New York City, with the aim of making it fully independent within two years through the work of CFO Paul Jitta.

NYC was specifically chosen for the branch by Pim van Helten (CEO), Paul Jitta and Michael Vromans (CD) because the city’s down to earth attitude fits the company culture at the Rotterdam office like a glove. DPDK will initially assist clients at product level after which the agency is looking to grow into an all-round partner for developing digital strategies.

The formula to be followed has worked well in the Netherlands and is now brought to the United States. Simultaneously, the office in Rotterdam is expanding from 50 to 80 employees, two years after having carried out a big renovation in its office. The move will allow the agency to expand its international client roster.

The goal is to make the US branch fully independent within two years led by Paul Jitta, who has been working for DPDK for almost ten years. “I believe this expansion emphasises the versatility and ambition of DPDK. Our new, unique position in Rotterdam and New York is not only in line with our core values, it also enables us to literally serve our customers day and night,” said Jitta, referring to the expansion.

Pim van Helten, CEO and co-founder DPDK: “The success formula we’ve developed in Rotterdam over the year will now roll out in the US. The strategy is to initially work with clients at product level. In the long run, our ambition is to prove our added value at a strategic level by becoming an all-round partner for digital strategies. We will have to earn our stripes just as we did in the Netherlands. And we’re ready to take on that challenge. “

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