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How to convert clients into social media users

Liverpool, August 7, 2015.

By Bryan Adams

When your clients don’t see the relevance of engaging in social media, it can be frustrating! However, there’s plenty of tactics you can use to encourage them to get to grips with it and really see the benefits…

Ph creative How to convert clients into social media users

Any business is actually a digital marketing business

It might sound a little overhyped but I really think that any business these days is actually a digital marketing business and what they’re selling or how they’re making a return on investment is almost irrelevant. For example, solicitors are a digital marketing agency that just happens to get an ROI from legal services.

Companies that aren’t using it will fall away over time

It may sound harsh but if you’re not addressing the relevance of digital marketing, I’d say that you’re on your way… to dying! If that’s not the best scare tactic for clients, then I don’t know what is. If you take away the words social media and digital marketing, this is actually just simply marketing and communicating in the year that we live in. If you’re not up for that…then prepare to fall away over time.

Customers demand it

An argument that definitely can’t be ignored is that customers are demanding it! Engaging with companies on social media is expected, as social media and digital marketing provide companies with a unique opportunity to communicate with their clients on a simplistic, open and transparent level.

Social media is for everybody

I used to think that social media just wasn’t for everybody…but now, with the amount of benefits to gain from it, and the varying generations that are now on it, I actually think it is.

After all, if your parents are on Facebook, you need to be on Facebook!