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A Managing Director in Barcelona

Barcelona, January 15, 2016.

Manuel Gomez is the Managing Director of Loud, a digital agency based in Barcelona, Spain. They are a full service creative marketing agency that connects brands to their audiences through strategy driven remarkable experiences. Manuel talked with TIA about the future of digital communication, favourite steps of the designing process and projects and ways of inspiration.

What do you do for inspiration?

My work is my passion, so I don’t need to escape from it to get inspired, I feel lucky for that. I get lots of inspiration from talking to our clients, our team and collaborators and from reading and traveling.

Looking 5 years in to the future, how far can digital communication go?

As far as we can imagine, there are no limits. We only have to look back to see how much has changed and how quickly it happened. Digital communication has changed the way people relate to each othe, it has changed our lifes.

Please list 3 of your favourite sites. Manuel-Gomez

That is difficult, because it depends on what criteria you use to select those sites. For me the most important thing in any company is seeing coherence between their values and their image and actions. For example the site of Comme des Garçons is probably not a good website if we analise it rationally but it transmits to me perfectly what the brand is about, that makes it unique. I would definitely mention Apple as well, because it is not only a site that transmits exactly what their products and stores represent, but it is also very functional and clear, and it has a very smooth transition between the product experience and their ecommerce. And since I’m Spanish I would mention the global leader of the fashion industry, Zara. They have managed to keep it very simple and still offer a huge amount of products and information in their site.

When did you decide that you wanted to get involved in this field and why?

I started my career as a fashion designer and got involved in marketing without thinking too much about it. I had the opportunity to manage the international communication of a great fashion brand, Desigual. But by then digital was not yet our main focus, Suddendly the company sent me to New York to manage the marketing and communication in the US, and that gave me more perspective and connected me forever to digital marketing. In New York I developed a great guerrilla event called Undie Party, where people had to come in their undies and would get a free outfit. That event had a very important digital support that helped to make it very succesful. After that I had the chance to move to Germany and work for great companies like Mavi Jeans and Cybex where I have been able to lead their marketing strategies and launch many innovative projects globally.

What does the word creativity mean to you?

It means finding great solutions to any challenge. Creativity in marketing has to make you reach goals, and before reaching your goals you always find lots of barriers. Finding great ways of avoiding these barriers leads you to your goal. That is creativity for me.

Do you think it is important in this digital world to conserve your manual skills? In which way you apply them in your daily work?

Absolutely, because it helps you to keep your mind open and have a perspective of reality that can be very helpful to think about digital projects and processes.

Which step of the designing process do you think is the most important one?

I think the most important step is having a great concept in mind before even starting to design. At LOUD we love to visualize things before applying anything. The concept must be very clear in our minds.

What project/client represented the hardest challenge for you? Why?

Manuel-Gomez-QuotesWe are a full service marketing agency and this means that we are open to accept challenges of any kind, and we get the best results when we combine the 2 most important things, creativity and strategy. We don’t fear sales, we love to help brands with their selling, we don’t think it’s less creative. Probably the biggest challenge is when a client from a very specific industry outside of your expertise comes to you, because it makes you add big amounts of research into your planning. This is a challenge at first but usually an asset later on. We have ended up being very succesful in industries were we were not experts initially, because we had an open mind and a clean canvas to start off with giving us a different point of view which our client didn’t have.

What advice do you often give to people who are starting to work in your same field?

I generally don’t like to give advice, I believe it’s best when we build our own opinion and careers. Following someone else is not the way to reach any place new. Ok, that’s some advice right there.

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