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Positive Power launched e-commerce platform in RWD standard for Olive company

GIlwice, Poland, July 21, 2015.

A team of specialists from Positive Power software house, which is based in Poland, has recently launched the project- advanced e-commerce platform in Responsive Web Design standard for Olive company which offers a wide range of lingerie and clothing products.


The main objective of the project was optimization of the webshop in terms of mobile users, as well as ensuring open software architecture facilitating its further modification and extension in the light of changing customers’ needs. Also, a vital aim was shortening and automation of purchase process and its servis optimization.

“It’s difficult to talk about universal key issues in the design of e-shops, but it is important to follow the leading trends, like the mobile, which has recently rushed into Polish e-commerce” said Katarzyna Czyrnek, the VP and Co-founder of Positive Power.

The main task was to develop and implement intuitive e-commerce system, based on Magento platform. An interesting solution was the implementation of 0-step checkout, shortening the purchasing process, or Zoomify HTML 5 function, allowing for dynamic images magnification. What’s more, the RWD standard implemenatation had significant impact on expanding the client’s target group.

“General trends can’t obscure the need for customization sales functionality to the nature of the e-shop activities and thus, the needs of its customers. In the case of store that offers lingerie, swimwear and clothing, it was extremely important to present the product to the customer in the maximum precise way, since the purchase is mainly determined by visual aspects. For this reason, we decided, among others, on the implementation of HTML 5 Zoomify function, that allowed for dynamic images zooming. It’s an in-depth analysis of the store’s customers’ needs and implementing under their terms the sales functionality should be crucial in the creation of e-commerce systems” emphasized Katarzyna Czyrnek.