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Reasons to be Creative celebrates 10th anniversary

September 7th, 2017

Reasons to be Creative brought together more tan 900 people in Brighton, UK. Photo: Twitter

The best in art, design, code, & inspiration got together in Brighton, United Kingdom for the 10th anniversary of Reasons to be Creative, a fantastic three-day conference that sought to inspire and enlighten its more than 900 attendees.

Previously known as Flash on the Beach, Reasons to be Creative has been going on for 10 years in a row and it has been a massive hit. The festival takes place every first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of every September, giving the stage to the very best international creative and developer speakers, who inform, inspire and entertain.

As the digital world gets more multi-disciplined, Reasons was curated with that in mind, bringing content from many disciplines to give designers, coders, creatives, film makers, animators, installation builders, illustrators, artists and more the opportunity to see and hear new perspectives.

For the 10th year in a row, Reasons had a phenomenal line up of speakers. It was a great chance to see over the best minds in art, design and code, delivering three full days of awe-inspiring sessions. Recently awarded with Germany’s Design Award, Erik Spiekermann gave a session, as well as Noma Bar, who’s work was highlighted in Time Out London, BBC and Random House.
For those into typography, Elliot Jay Stocks, the former Creative Director of TypeKit, held a session, while for CSS lover Harry Roberts was at Reasons to tell more about his ubiquitous CSS grid systems. Anouk Wipprecht’s wearable tech and Zemer Peled amazing work were also highlighted in other sessions.

As every year, Reasons to be Creative was held in the fantastic city of Brighton. Situated on Britain’s south coast, Brighton has lots to offer: sea, (not that much sun), great social hang-outs (pubs!), plenty of great places to stay and eat. It has a ton of history, and also is home to one of Britain’s most thriving digital communities of coders and designers too.

The type of people who usually comes to Reasons are the ones who agonizes over the details, care about their craft, want to know what peers are creating, be aware of what the world’s best are up to and choosing to surround themselves with the best in design, code and inspiration. If that sounds like you, then you should attend next year’s event.