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The world of virtual reality joined forces at VRLO


More than 800 members of the virtual reality community got together in London for a new and so far the biggest VRLO event, a regular and extremely popular hands-on social gathering for professionals who are curious to see what impact virtual reality and applications will have on every aspect of our lives.

Among the highlights of the event, VRLO offered a great line-up of content and tech including Madam Butterfly and The Magic Flute reimagined for VR; a Red Bull Air Race MR experience on HoloLens; a broadcast quality 360° live stream; a VR app for CPR training; a virtual safari and some of the latest 360° video content of a giant cylinder.

One of the most celebrated content was also an online and open-source map that features all augmented and virtual reality companies in the United Kingdom, done jointly with PWC, Digital Catapult and Immerse. There are 463 companies, half located in the London area, according to the map.

Instead of having talks from industry leaders, the organizers decided to carry out roundtable discussions hosted by them, giving the participants the opportunity to join the session. “Will AR kill by VR” by Rewind director Greg Furber, “Is VR a political and ethical minefield” by Wired editor Rowland Manthorpe and “How can VR improve our working lives” by Byron Bay film festival director J’aimee Skippon-Volke were some of the discussions.

The five finalists of the Community Competition, a contest to find awesome VR demos from indie developers, also participated in the event. Hundreds replied to the contest call but only five were chosen by a jury, featuring a really diverse range of content – from a recreation of a historical building to a game where you play an elephant and catch donuts on your trunk.

The first VRLO event launched in 2015 by the digital agency REWIND, which wanted to create a premium tech event centered around virtual reality; one that could bring together developers, creators, investors and enthusiasts to talk, share and test some of the most cutting edge products in the industry.

Since then, it has only grown, offering its attendees a first class ticket into the world of virtual reality. It’s a community that continues to blossom, with industries that have grown up around it and start to bloom too.

“The industry is moving so fast that we’re able to have different exhibitors each time, which keeps the event feeling fresh, current and exciting. HMDs, peripherals and new software advances, we’re able to bring them to the people before they’ve even touched the shelves,” said Sol Rogers, managing director and founder of REWIND.

PH: Rewind