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What does it take to be a great creative?

Cannes, June 30, 2015.

In the most privacy space of Cannes Lions 2015, The Drum website talked with Bob Greenberg, founder and chief executive of R/GA -named Agency of the year in Cannes- and he has emphasized the importance of being able to effectively collaborate in the world of advertising. Bob-Greenberg

He pointed out that “You have to be conceptual. I think that is the hardest part. You also have to be a good communicator but is not important if you are a good writer too”.

Greenberg has been a pioneer in the advertising and communications industry for almost four decades and has scooped top industry awards for creativity, including the Academy Award, D&AD, and Cannes Lions. He currently leads an agency that serves world renowned brands like Google, Nike and Samsung.

R/GA founder also said: “Understanding how to collaborate today is important because communications are so much more difficult. It’s not a 30 second spot anymore; it’s a campaign that’s integrated and combined with social media.”

Finally, he explained that: “It’s always helpful when you can distil things. Take a complex problem and make it easy to understand.”

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