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New Year’s post celebrations: Digital agencies welcome 2017

January 6th, 2016

2017 is here and the creative crew came back at work. As we all know, this new season is a good opportunity to think about other resolutions, other roads and other expectations.

Here are some highlights about this week.

1. Some teams have been developed…

At Delphic Digital, we saw a promotion. Congratulation!

At Bam Creative, the team has been extended. Welcome to the new one.

2. …other teams have decided to change their workplace…

A big cleaning session has been done at We Are Empire.

At Snowfall Ltd, they straightly decided to change their direction.

Another decoration has been thought at Chipperfield Media, why not?

3. … obviously! New year also matches with new strategy…

At Ming Labs, they start the year with a kick off strategy around a sweet table.

The inevitable brief meeting has also been shared at MullenLowe at London.

Everyone has first contacted his international team.

At Brunner, ideas emerged as well!

4. … In the end, personal resolutions have been launched!

More and more foods at Ridgeway.

And a wise quote for this year, thank you to Hudson Integrated team.

This is only a few selection of what happened this first week. We can’t wait to see your business flourishing. May this year keep you higher and higher!