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Gitam BBDO

Gitam BBDO

One of the largest advertising agencies in israel, and part of the bbdo worldwide network, they know what really matters
the work!

Gitam BBDO
8 Raul Wallenberg Street
Tel: +972 (3) 576-5757
Fax: +972 (3) 612-2991


Gitam Image Systems was founded as a private company in April 1979 – by John Goldberg and the late Moshe Twins (name Gitam” derived from the initials of the founders names). Gitam already considered a breakthrough that was the first step, in addition to publishing Ahkonbenzanaali, procedures of publication ” 360 degree “PR and promotion.
1981 Javelin joined Moody (son of the late John Goldberg). By 1994, acquired the international advertising agency BBDO (a subsidiary of the giant media conglomerate OMNICOM) 49% Gitam corporate systems, making Gitam BBDO advertising firm partnership between the first Israeli “to.
Up to 2000 ran the firm jointly owned – Moshe Twins Moodie bayonet, bayonet Achsabsnat 2000 took over the reins of office management and was appointed chairman Moshe Twins BBDO Group.
2004 Michal Meiri was appointed as CEO of the company, Modi bayonet became Chief Executive Officer of BBDO group.
2010 joined Dr. Yael Almog (right) the office’s role, Chairman of the BBDO Group, Gitam Management Company, the consulting team of BBDO IM.

Over the years, has won dozens of awards Gitam excellence and extraordinary works, and the prestigious Guinness award for the first commercial movie in space to “note yield, and dozens of commercials and eventually became to be part of” Ron glory “of the Israeli campaign.

Group Structure
In addition to the advertising office, Gitam various subsidiaries that provide marketing services to customers in Israel. Gitam’s subsidiaries are:

Noble Porter – Porter Novelli part of a network world, which also belongs to Omnicom.
BBDO Soho – a subsidiary engaged in the budgets of Small-Medium.
BBDO Content – a subsidiary that provides marketing content.
BBDO IM – a subsidiary specializing in crisis management and media and public arena.
TMF – a subsidiary engaged in the purchase of media, Achsabmakbil Gitam BBDO with media partner.
In early 2008 Israel was the first Gitam who read the map correctly and in a strategic breakthrough heart activity in the Ministry of interactive advertising agency. Interactive domain now an integral part of office activities.

Gitam group, with all its subsidiaries, employs approximately 150 employees, who enjoy a challenging and fascinating work in departments Ahckeryateiab, account executive, research and strategy, production and administrators.