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Co-Carre is a creative digital agency based in Brussels, Belgium. We are a small studio with a lot of capabilities and surrounded by many talents! We offer a lot of services and solutions tailored to your needs. Your satisfaction course through listening, effective response, an offer without surprises, and a mix of originality and professionalism. No bullshit, just a nice work!

Headquarters: Place de l’Alma 3/9, 1200 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 495 26 22 66


Clients: Amcor, Louis Delhaize, ULB, GSK, EBC, Louis Dewaele, G1, Hayez Imprimeurs, ComEventMore, Mission-Systole

Co Carre - Brussels - Digital - Agency


Social Media:

Services: Visual Identity, Books, Leaflets, Exhibition Materials, Web, eMailing, Social Networks, Print Management