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We help startups and big corporates in transforming ideas into real products: we brainstorm, design, develop and market digital products for them. At Coteries, we generate new ideas on an almost daily basis. As entrepreneurs, we also invest about 20% of our time in designing and developing our own products, like Planify, Bookable or ParkShare. We are an experienced digital agency in Lausanne with over 5 years on the market, growing day by day. We love our job, and that’s why our clients love what we deliver. Get in touch!

Headquarters: EPFL Innovation Park 1015, Lausanne, Switzerland

Tel: +41 78 822 96 47


Staff: 8 – 20

Clients: Swisscom, Local Search, Valais Mundi, Geneva Creativity Center, Bastian Baker, Switzerland Innovation,, Teads Tv, Teleste, Sheera’z, Swiss Mobi Camp, Deex, EPFLED, GEOSATIS Technology , Pryv, Scantrust, EPFL Innovation Park, Publi Groupe, Swiss Angel Forum, Fintech Fusion, Consuu, Alumni HEC, D&M Swiss Brokers Sarl, Liberéz vos Idées, MOOC’s Afrique.


Social Media:

Services: Digital Marketing, UX / UI, MVP/Prototype, Development, Chatbots, Websites