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Nakko Services

Nakko Services

Nakko develops, maintains and monetises apps and websites for its customers. We’ve built some very successful apps so we know how to handle apps with millions of users. Nakko scours the earth to find the talent responsible for these apps, sites and backends. We are fully committed to the agile way of working to make the whole process as transparent as possible for our clients. Nakko’s founders have been active in mobile since phone screens were monochrome and ringtones monophonic. Ample experience to help you achieve your goals!

Location: Verrijn Stuartweg 28B, 1112AX DIEMEN, Netherlands

Tel: 020 6000 953


Clients: Radio10, Holland At Home, Almere Vandaag, Telfort, SGL, KPN

Nakko - Netherlands - Digital - Agency


Services: Design and concepts, Construction, Mobile, Advertising, Mobile payment solution, Relationships