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Thesign (of time) is a multiplatform digital agency result from a refined blend of technology, creativity and design.


Headquarters : Avenida Montevideu, 236 – Porto – Portugal

Phone :+ 351 223 206 799

Email :

Clients : Fatima Mendes, Vallis Capital Partners, Luis Onofre, Porto Vivo SRU, Larus, APOR , Camara Municipal de Amarante, NKS Global Trading, Free Wheel Spirit


Web :

Social Media :—tecnologias-de-informa-o?trk=company_logo

About :
Thesign  is an independent media agency focused on media design and development. We support your growth through the definition and implementation of a comprehensive plan for strategic positioning in the marketplace. We specialize in developing digital, innovative and tailor-made solutions for customers who require high levels of creative execution and evolutionary products and services. We analyze, organize and seek visual solutions that allow you to monetize all the communication channels. We constantly seek innovative methods for integrating business models with the latest technological advances.

Services :
Digital Innovation, Mobile & Web, Design & Communication, Project & Research

Case studies :