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David Martin answers Fantasy’s design ‘what if’ questions

San Francisco, February 8th, 2017

David-Martin-Fantasy-Profile-TIAHave you ever found yourself wondering what could happen if brands or services presented themselves differently? Would this change the way we connect with them? Might this improve their services?

Fantasy, a leading human-based design agency, can provide the answers.

Striving to helps its clients “think beyond the ordinary” by combining digital strategy and user experience design, the company has helped the likes of Facebook, USA Today, and Twitter, to name but a few, to reach the next level of digital and product UX and UI design.

David Martin is the mastermind, founder and CEO of Fantasy.

In 1999 Irish-born Martin started the agency in Sweden, where it rapidly grew its reputation as a design leader pioneering within the flash industry.

A strategic move to the USA in 2005, helped Fantasy to pick up clients such as Viacom and AOL; and to carry out major redesigns from and and later products from Xbox to Samsung mobile devices. The company is based in New York and San Francisco.

Since its inception, Fantasy has received over 200 industry awards and helped thousands of clients worldwide to further their companies’ image and brand. In 2008, Fantasy made Imagine Publishing’s list of the 21 Most Inspiring Companies, along with Apple, Virgin, and Pixar. 2015 saw the launch of Fantasy’s new website,, and the company has been nominated for Agency of the Year by Net Magazine.

Martin’s first job was at a paint factory during the summer. Later he attended the Institute of Technology Tallaght, and today he flies high not only with his work at Fantasy, but also with his Cirrus aircraft.

A devoted husband and father of one, Martin enjoys his life in Californian. When we asked him what other cities besides where he lives interest him creatively he said, “Hmmm, I’ve never had this question before. Toronto and Seattle for sure. However my hometown of Dublin, Ireland has grown enormously in the tech space.”

Future thinking and proactive creative work

Fantasy has a whole area on its website dedicated to answering design ‘What If’ questions. This blue sky thinking leadership has resulted on some outstanding successes. “The Future of the Airline website concept was a big one,” confesses Martin “It went super viral and it was our first video presentation showcasing our progressive thoughts within a space we never worked in. As a result of this, over 60 airlines and online travel agencies contacted us.”

Describing his agency with three ‘Ps’: Pioneering, Passionate People , Martin says, “Our intention is to pioneer through smart design that is brilliantly executed.”

He has a no-nonsense approach to design, “Every user loves smart and beautiful design. Creativity to me is a unique tool that allows us to solve problems and progress our user experience on Earth…”

For inspiration Martin follows Dribble – “religiously” he said, and FWA “and that’s about it.”

He actually admitted to love Dribbble as a brand because of its simplicity. He is not a fan of the new UBER brand. When it comes to digital music, his favourites are Sonos and Spotify (a Fantasy client).

The secret to Fantasy’s success also presents its greatest challenge. At Fantasy we guarantee quality assurance (QA) by having impeccable communication within our team and with the client and also by hiring great producers and directors.This is sometimes a challenge too, because there isn’t enough great talent to hire out there!”

Martin’s message for anyone starting in the industry sums up his passion: “Welcome to the right industry. Roll up your sleeves; surround yourself with people better than you. Compete!”

Fantasy’s San Francisco office has a ‘no shoes’ policy and its team has regular UX brainstorming session over wine. If you like the sound of that and your have great talent, you might want to apply.


By Geny Caloisi.

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