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J+J is the voice of the next generation and one-stop shop in creative marketing. Listed as one of the Top 50 Digital Agencies in Los Angeles, J+J empowers the brands we work with, with innovative steps and tools they need to conquer the world. In this fast-paced world, J+J is on the front lines of the growing Silicon Beach movement in Los Angeles, bridging the worlds of entrepreneurship and creativity all the while using the power of social influence to get our message across. We create contemporary strategies and then we execute them to perfection. We’re not going to do it in the same way everyone else does. We’re going to do it in a new way that showcases why you’re so special.

Headquarters: 312 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica. 90049

Tel: (310) 621-2804

Mail: info@janueljohnson.com

Clients: Spore, Levi’s, Vitamin Water, Bambino, Marvel, Oro, Giive, HBO

J+J - Los Angeles - Agency - Digital

Web: http://www.janueljohnson.com/

Social media:

Brand awareness, Publicity outreach, E-mail Marketing, Awards & Recognition, Lauch Parties, Exclusive Events, Content Marketing, Dazzling creative, Storytelling, Photography, Video, Design, Branding & Web, Influencer marketing, Special campaigns, Hashtag Movements, Peer-to-peer market research, content amplification, social Virality, Google Ads, Competitor Research, Analytics, PPC, SEO, SEM, Retargeting Ads, Content Amplification, Investor Connections