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How to build a community of like-minded developers and coders

Charlotte, April 24th, 2017

RapidOps has offices in Charlotte, in North Carolina USA and Ahmedabad in north-west India. Since its inception, RapidOps has positioned it self as a digital product development company, working with small start-ups, medium, and large businesses helping them to flourish.

Unlike other digital agencies, RapidOps offers the whole shebang of digital services. From Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Data Visualization & BI, Web API Development, to Hybrid Mobile App Development, Native Mobile App Development including Android App Development, iOS App Development, and Web Development Services.

Samir Motwani, RapidOps CEO comments, “Being innovators, we take great pleasure in providing personalized services to our clients. We have adopted disruptive methodology as it gives us the competitive edge. Our mission is to be industry innovators and make the world a better place to live in with the help of technology.

RapidOps global customer base includes Retailers, Health Industrialists, Bankers, Financial Service Providers, Food and Beverages Retailers, Education Sectors, and much more.

The company also believes on investing on the next generation. A good example is the day workshop held for MCS Students from Nirma University in India. No less tan 60 students had a chance to see how things work in real life and learn about how to be industry ready (delivered by Samir himself), about ‘agile’ and ‘scrum’ and its application on the Agile Scrum Methodology.

Samir recalls how it all started for him, “When we were at college, we worked on various product development assignments and went for apprenticeships to different companies. We observed that various companies lacked the knowledge of the industry basics and that they were heading towards a different way altogether.

“A few of my college folks and I thought of building something unique and challenging. So, we worked on few ideas, we further our skills and decided to work on lots of different exciting projects. Then we took this endeavor to the next level forming the company.

“It is our vision of using disruptive technologies in an innovative and constructive way that gave birth to the idea of having our own development company. We have been using the agile process to its best and have been creating many user-friendly apps and APIs that has helped our clients.”

Can you describe your agency in three words?

Innovative, Passionate, Non-robotic

In your opinion, what ingredients are key to create a successful UX design?

I believe that communicating and taking feedback from all staff members, who are involved in a project, is the key to success. Every project has several end goals, and their end user expectations can vary.

There is no standard UX pattern for success, so you need to understand the target audience, their requirements and discuss it with the team and deliver the best output.

How do you work out your design taking into account your target audience or users?

UX only gets successful when you work with the user-centric approach. We involve users in every stage of design: prototyping, validation of ideas, development and collecting feedback after every sprint release. This way we turn and turn each possibility and find out a best optimal solution, the best for the target audience.

Which are the most important web tools that you use?

For project and task management software we use Jira, Basecamp.

For document collaboration and file-sharing systems, we rely on Google Drive, for design collaboration platform we use Invision, and when it comes to having a web browser that we can rely on for speed our first choice is Chrome.

Can you tell us about a successful project?

I would like to mention one of the projects called, which is a CRM tool to reduce manual data entry work and automate business processes for achieving higher sales. Salesmate end users are diversified regarding location and age. They might have already used some CRM tool, and we need to give some unique experience to them.

We kept everyone in a closed loop. During beta phase of the product, we shared prototypes and ideas with our trusted customers to collect feedback. After each sprint release, we measured adoption for everyone. This process has greatly improved Salesmate and helped us to deliver a robust product.

One more example is the retail industry solution for a US retail giant, where we created a centralized API architecture for the food ordering system. We developed an iOS app for the client, which has more than a million visitors on a daily basis.

The app was designed keeping in mind the number of devices, the users’ traffic on the customer server, the number of locations and the availability of the product.

Now app is getting millions of hits a day & thousands of downloads. Developing such an app, with such a broad customer base is, in itself, an achievement. We feel proud to share when our developed products get that much of success.

How do you imagine the UX concept to work in the future?

In the future users’ interaction with apps will evolve from standard form based inputs, to gestures and now even voice-enabled technology. So, we are going to see more human-friendly changes and simplifying interactions.

Name a challenge your team is currently facing

We are trying to design UX in more human-friendly manner. This is a new approach, and hence quite challenging. Human expectations change with gender, age, race, geographical locations, and different environmental factors. Predicting the intersecting points in the verticals above is the most challenging task.

What piece of advice would you give a recent grad looking to work in digital marketing?

Technology is changing rapidly. So, the UX is adjusted to match client’s expectations. That means you need to learn new skills every day. Don’t be shy at the time of applying new ideas. They might sound alien sometimes or too old to be used at this moment, but you never know when you hit the right chord.

Please list a few of your favorite digital brands:

Google, Twitter, Dribble

What do you like doing in your free time?

I like to read lots of different topics on Quora and check out the creativity of designers on dribble.

Lots of my free time is spent with my little daughter. I love to see her learning new things and I really enjoy interacting with her.

By Geny Caloisi.

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