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Carousel30, connecting people with the things they love

Washington, October 7th, 2016

greg-carousel30-digital-agencyBased in Washington, Carousel30 has been waving its creative magic wand for 13 years now. During this time it has witnessed the constantly evolving landscape that is bands communication and marketing. From the start the agency had a clear mission: to find innovative and effective ways to connect people to the things they love: brands, products, places, and other people.

Aiming its work at being in the intersection between marketing, technology and creativity, to form new and exciting ways to create these connections, the company is making strides in the social media-marketing realm.

We talked to Greg Kihlström, Founder & CEO of Carusel30 to get the low-down on the social media platforms, and how these can help brands to reach their clients.

A restaurant might seem like an unlikely candidate to use social media to promote itself, but Kihlström has proof that it works, “One of our current clients is a fine dining restaurant in Washington D.C. called Masseria. We have been able to define and build a loyal audience on social media through great photography; a unique approach to voice that embraces the restaurant’s Italian roots, and some other special features including video and some contests”.

“In a very short time since the restaurant’s opening, we’ve built a highly engaged and rapidly growing presence on several social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook.”

What should a client aim to achieve with social media?

Social media is the perfect place to build relationships and engage your customers. While it’s not the place you should expect to convert users into buyers, it’s a channel that brands can use to creatively connect with their audiences and better yet, encourage their audiences to talk about them.

What is your process for developing a social media strategy?

We develop social media strategies through a process of ‘Discovery’ which helps us understand our clients’ brands and their overall marketing strategies. This is followed by a detailed ‘Specification,’ phase which focuses on determining the best and most appropriate way to create, measure, test and optimise our efforts.

The process is based on developing an understanding of what makes the brand truly unique, their target audience, and a mandate to find creative ways to reach and engage those audiences.

Who should set up and maintain client’s social media accounts?

While several years ago, clients didn’t have the internal resources to maintain their own social media presences, there has been a major shift to bring social media management in-house. I believe this is a positive change for brands, and it allows agencies to do what they do best: play a more strategic and creative role instead of doing the day-to-day management.

How can your clients measure the success of their social-media marketing efforts?

At Carousel30, we don’t undertake any project or campaign without first asking the questions that tell us what our true measure of success is. Although this might be different for each client, the measure of success is built in to our plan and reported on regularly.

What’s the most common mistake made when preparing copy for social?

Brands sometimes forget that the same copy that might go in an advertisement does not work on social. Brands need to find a consistent, personable “voice” when writing for social.

Not having a unique voice and instead being too focused on selling rather than focusing on engagement is the biggest mistake to avoid regarding social media.


How do you define the brand voice?

Brand voice is informed by the company’s overall brand and things such as company values, but for social media, it also needs to translate into something that is human and relatable.
This is why sometimes, a brand may have a more friendly tone and voice on social media than they have on other marketing channels. This is important because consumers on social media want to feel that they are truly talking to another individual.

Should your client use social media to provide customer service?

Social media is a major customer service channel whether they embrace it or not. Because of this, any brand should be ready to quickly respond to customer service questions and requests when they arise. This is so common with some brands that they even have separate customer service social media channels, which have been proven as effective for those with an especially high volume of that type of traffic.

In simple terms what is the connection between social content & SEO?

While the effect social media has on SEO has fluctuated (and continues to fluctuate) over time, the primary connection is related to content strategy and how content created for social media can be used to support SEO, whether it’s on social channels, a website, or elsewhere.

What’s the most important thing a social media manager should be doing?

Social media managers should be paying attention to trends among their audiences (and their industry) and constantly measuring and testing to see what works. By doing this, they will always be staying in step with their customers.

What kind of skills/qualities do you think you need to possess to be a community manager?

To be a community manager, you need to be able to balance the need to market and promote your brand with a need to engage audience members in conversations, and finally a need to sometimes simply entertain and show the brand’s personality. They need an ability to inject humour when needed and where appropriate, and the ability to respond to the unexpected – good or bad.


By Geny Caloisi.

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