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Doug Logan: “We treat clients more like partners”

New York, September 7, 2015

Inovāt, a small and mighty agency from New York, was born 13 years ago and nowadays they do everything brands need, working with web design, videos and photography, and marketing. Doug Logan its founder and President, talked with TIA about his role in the agency, his aspirations, sources of inspiration and thoughts on the future.

Logan’s day starts at 6 o’clock when he wakes up to go to work. He makes breakfast on Mondays for everyone in the agency: “I really appreciate being a small agency, because we are like a close family. That’s the advantage we have and that’s the message we are looking to give our clients” Next, he invests the rest of the day in meetings with new clients and rest of the team.


What do you do for inspiration?

I’m following some really great people and companies on Twitter who share a lot of great content. I also love the bookstore and I enjoy reading a good book. I love reading and I think inspiration comes from many places, -but it’s really important to get away from the day to day. I work every day- Work is always following me everywhere, so sometimes I have to disconnect and I get inspired in those moments, too.

Do you have a country that inspires you?

Absolutely! I visited Japan years ago and was really impressed with their technology and culture. In fact, I always take my shoes off in the office. It’s something I picked up there.

How far can websites go?

Oh, well, until about 20 years or so ago, the web as we know didn’t even exist. I think the web will continue to evolve and become more and more present in our daily lives and things we once used in only an office state will become connected. I think the brands that really embrace this and don’t just use it to bombard us with more advertising will the brands that will really grow.

Why should a brand choose to work with a digital agency like Inovāt?

We know what it’s like being the little guy and nowadays we are very selective of our partners (or clients) and for whom we work. We love to take on big challenges, but we have also learned that the big brands don’t have to take as many risks. We give help to smaller brands, or courageous brands as we have come to call them, and in the end seeing them grow is really rewarding. I love to work as a partner with our clients which is why our mission is to help courageous brands take on colossal challenges and competitors by treating them less like clients and more like partners.

We would like to know more about one important project you recently had. What can you tell us about that?

All the projects we have are important, but one of our recent projects was with Zippy Shell, who is a unique and relatively new player in the storage and moving space. We did a great deal of work from helping them totally rebrand, to a new photography, website and they even just launched a national TV campaign, and all of these things really helped them grow.