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Get your ‘MAXBURST’ on creative projects

New York, May 23th, 2017

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Premier: ‘Max Burst’, directed by Andrew Ruditser and Donny Escolastico… doesn’t it sound like a Hollywood blockbuster? MAXBURST is not a movie, but the New York based agency does pretty spectacular works.

The ten year-old agency has been focusing on Web Design, Development and Internet Marketing across many different verticals and industries since its inception.

Andrew Rudister started his own small IT company in 2003 and was able to sale it at a profit four years later. 

Proud as a father of his company, Andrew describes MAXBURST as a Top rated digital agency focused on creativity and results driven solutions. Whether it’s to increase profits, provide support, sell products or promote your brand, allow our web design services to bring your company to the forefront”.

Andrew confesses that there have been three key facts that have helped him get to where he is today. 1-Meeting his business partner Donny in 2007, with whom he founded MAXBURST. 2- The insistence of his dad, that he should pursue his entrepreneurial drive. 3- The unconditional support of his wife.

MAXBURST shines when it comes to inspired conceptualizing and inventive online business models. It has created a myriad of brand friendly websites, powerful direct response tactics, and ingenious marketing strategies that create hyper-growth for our clients.

But of course, one of the most important first steps on any successful creative project is the discovery process.  Andrew gives us an insight on how this goes: “We have a detailed discovery questionnaire that we require all of our new clients to complete. Our skilled project managers assist new clients through this questionnaire. Some of the questions we ask our clients are:

1) Tell us about your Company: Give us an overview of what you do and your procedures.

2) What was the inspiration behind your companies current branding? Are you satisfied with it or are you looking to completely rebrand the corporate image before building a new website?

The role of the project manager at MAXBURST is key. Projects last, in average, between 3-6 months, depending on their complexity. Each client develops a close relationship with his or her project manager and they rely on him or her heavily for the day-to-day tasks that are associated with a new web design and development project.

Not anyone can be a project manager at MAXBURST, thou. Andrew himself is extremely comfortable with writing HTML, therefore he also expects proficiency from his project managers. They should also be familiar with other client and server side scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP to name but a few.

To manage and plan M activities, the agency uses e a series of cloud-based software. Some tools of the tools are: Asana for project and task management, Slack for company messaging and communications, Zoho CRM for Sales and Customer Data and InvisionApp for Design Prototyping and Wireframing.


Sounds like a tempting agency to work for? Well, if you have intelligence, patience and willingness to learn, you should send your CV.

MAXBURST currently has 32 full time employees, and Andrew believes that if the message and goal of the company is clear and well understood, you can let people flow.

“I believe that one sure way to find out if you are leading well is to leave behind those that you have been leading. If your staff is flying solo without much of your intervention that, I believe, means you have led well and your vision and process can perpetuate”.

“A great working environment is somewhere where everyone feels genuinely comfortable,” he adds, “There must be a good balance between work and leisure so that employees do not feel stressed and burned out. It’s also important that everyone knows that deadlines need to be met and periods of hard work is required of everyone”.

Andrew gets inspired by the dual process that is involved in Web Design: on the one hand he programming and development and on the other, there is the creativity and design. The job  also comes with other perks that he enjoys, such as: constantly having to learn new things; meeting interesting new people and learning about their business; and getting the chance of travelling to areas he would never go to, if it weren’t work related.

To close we asked: where he sees himself or his agency in five years time?

Five years is a really long time in this industry,” Andrew says.  “So much can and has changed in five years already. The way we used to do things  five years ago no longer apply to our working style and culture. In the next five years I see us evolving into more of a Digital Marketing firm with a focus on Website Design and Development. Recently, we have produced several digital strategies for the wearables industry and I see us getting involved in that much more in the years to come”.


By Geny Caloisi.

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