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Extreme Sensio

Founded in 1998, Sensio is a highly technologically inclined agency and the creator of the Symfony framework. The joint venture with Extreme resulted in the creation of Extreme Sensio. In 2007 Extrême Sensio is a digital pureplayer that is natively



3, rue de Turbigo 75001 PARIS FRANCE

Tél : +33 (0)1 40 41 12 12 Fax : +33 (0)1 40 82 02 90 E-mail:

Web :



  • Advising
  • Conception of website
  • E-business solution

Mental Works

Mental Works  is an independent web agency based in Compiegne, Amiens and Paris, specialized in the creation of websites and e-business solutions with high added value.


Rond-point Jean Monnet Bâtiment Millénium 60200 Compiègne

Tél. : 03 44 86 22


With over 10 years of practice in the field of IT, we offer you the “Best Practices” related to e-commerce.


9, rue Maurice Grandcoing 94200 Ivry sur Seine France

Tel : +33 1 43 90 19 80 Email :


GoldenMarket wants to share its values and skills in order to develop more and more important projects, without leaving apart the small businesses. What we enjoy is to contribute to the development of your company. Our web agency wants to