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With over 10 years of practice in the field of IT, we offer you the “Best Practices” related to e-commerce.


9, rue Maurice Grandcoing 94200 Ivry sur Seine France

Tel : +33 1 43 90 19 80 Email :


Codal is an established global consulting firm focusing on business intelligence, design, development and compliance testing. Delivering solutions of any complexity to clients worldwide. With more than 7 years of IT business expertise, Codal has a strong team of skilled

West Point Digital

Experts in all things digital. We shape digital experiences at every touch point. We are developers, designers, online marketeers and storytellers.

Headquarters: NDSM Plein 57 1033 WC, Ámsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: 31 20 369 72 40

Staff: 2-10

Clients: Bon Bon