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Rethink! Mad Minds Europe 2017

Rethink! Mad Minds Europe 2017

The leading digital marketing event in Europe for marketing professionals.
Rethink! MAD Minds Europe is an international knowledge & project exchange platform. Bringing together 150+ CMOs, CDOs and marketing decision makers to discuss key industry topics, share knowledge, create new partnerships and identify opportunities for their business.

Digital transformation & heavy use of technology has been on the marketing- world’s agenda for the past few years. no matter what industry you turn to, what products or customer segments you look at: in order for companies to keep up with their competition technology has to become faster, organiza- tions have to become more agile, time to market has to be shortened and analogue has to be turned into digital.

to develop a successful and sustainable marketing strategies, cmo‘s & marketing directors have to fully understand the technological options they have and get the support of their board. only then, they can set up the right technology & strategy to implement the right tools and drive their business towards the future and past their competition.

we are not just gathering the usual thought leaders and visionaries. we unite the people who know.

● what does digital transformation really mean for your business?
● what impact does it have and how can you implement it to reap the
bene ts?
● And how to take your business to the next stage in a fast changing

In 2017, we are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin!


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Jun 26, 2017 - Jun 27, 2017

Berlin, Germany