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AHAA represents the best minds and resources dedicated to Hispanic-specialized marketing.

Advertisers trying to reach and connect with Hispanic consumers turn to AHAA members for unmatched cultural expertise and knowledge. Companies like General Mills, Procter & Gamble, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penney, Domino’s Pizza and Allstate are tapping into the Hispanic market potential and rely on Hispanic-specialized agencies to deliver bottom-line profits even during the recession. As the voice of the Hispanic-specialized marketing industry, AHAA demonstrates the value of targeting Hispanics, showcases the impact of using AHAA member agencies, and provides forums for the discussion and dialogue between advertisers and industry professionals.



The mission of AHAA is “to grow, strengthen and protect the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry by providing leadership in raising awareness of the value of the Hispanic market opportunities and enhancing the professionalism of the industry.”


To provide leadership in raising awareness of the value of the Hispanic market to advertisers and other communities
To grow and strengthen the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry
To promote and encourage high standards, conduct and ethics by means of study, discussion and education regarding the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry
To foster research and distribution of knowledge of the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry among the membership and the general public, and to broaden public understanding of the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry
To foster, promote, maintain and encourage the civic, social and economic welfare of the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry and to support a system of free and competitive enterprise and individual acceptance of responsibility
To cooperate with federal, state, local and international government authorities for the good of the community and the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry
To encourage laws, regulations and programs consistent with the growth of the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry, both domestically and internationally, within the lawful regulation of state and federal statutes or guidelines
To cooperate with scientific research, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations concerned with related matters of interest to the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry
To acquire, preserve and disseminate data and available information relative to the functions and accomplishments of the Association and its members
To cooperate with state, regional and international associations with common interests in the welfare of the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry in general
To undertake such other functions consistent with these Bylaws that will advance the growth and prosperity of the Association’s members
To promote the common business interests of the members of the Association and the industry


The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies has adopted the following Standards of Practice in the best interest of the public, the advertisers, the media and the agencies themselves. Underscoring the professionalism that drives our association, AHAA’s Standards of Practice are based on honorable principles that validate the seriousness of our organization while allowing us to exercise consistent examples of integrity, excellence and character.

We recognize that these areas are subject to honestly different interpretations and judgment. Nevertheless, clear and willful violation of these Standards of Practice may be presented to the Board of Directors of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies for appropriate action, including possible annulment of membership as stated in the association bylaws.

In accepting membership, agencies agree to follow these standards.

Agencies must compete on merit and not by attempts at discrediting or disparaging a competitor agency, or its work, directly or by inference.

Advertising shall contain a truthful presentation of the offered service or product, and shall reveal significant facts, the omission of which will be misleading.

Advertising claims shall be sufficiently supported and shall not distort the true meaning or practicable application of statements made by professional or scientific authority.

Advertising shall not contain information or visual presentation that through implication, omission, execution or ambiguity could lead directly or indirectly to the consumer being misled about the advertised product or service or its competitors.

Advertising shall be free of statements, suggestions, or pictures, which are offensive to public decency.

Advertising containing testimonials shall be limited to those that reflect the real and honest opinion of the individuals involved.

Advertising shall avoid price claims that are false or misleading.