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Annual Design Awards

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About the award:

The Annual Design Awards (nicknamed ANNDAS) is a global recognition of cutting edge visual communications, set up to reward outstanding contributions within the Design industry. We have brought together some of the most amazing talents and respected figures from around the world to judge this global event which aims to become the premier design awards and set international standards.

The Annual Design Awards are unlike other design awards as we don’t offer hundreds of categories to enter, nor do we charge ridiculous entry fees so that only the large corporates can enter. These awards are FREE and exist so that we can discover and celebrate outstanding talents in the design world and to reward creativity with a meaningful honour.

The Annual Design Awards (ANNDAS) is open to everyone around the world, from large corporate professionals to work-from-home freelancers, and entry is FREE so that we don’t restrict creativity.

The Annual Design Awards will not just be celebrating the finalists and winners of each category but will also be dishing out awards to outstanding contributions. Our judges will select entries that they feel are truly groundbreaking and those participants will be honoured with an ‘Excellence in Design Accolade’ amongst other ‘special’ awards.

All finalists will feature in numerous promotions and media coverage and will gain global respect within the industry as well as receiving promotional tools from us, with all winners receiving the stunning bespoke trophy and additional promotions around the world. This year we have over £30,000 worth of prizes to give away to all those lucky and talented enough to win one of our awards.

The main points which our judges are looking out for are as follows:

Creativity — The main aspect which our judges will score designs on will be creativity. Our judges will grade entries on the originality and creativeness of the design. The more creative and unique your design the better chance you stand of winning

Effectiveness — The most important job for a designer is to produce designs that are effective in communicating the intended message to the correct audience. It should not only show off your creative flair but also send the right messages out when marketing.

Website Design Category — The Best Website Design category will be based purely on design and visual appearance. Functionality and usability will no longer be taken into account when judging. The Annual Design Awards are all about excellence in visual communications so it has to look stunning and convey the correct message to be valued by our jury.

ADA winners

Best product packaging design 2012

Awards categories : 

Peoples choice award

The People’s Choice Award 2012 gives every entrant a chance to win an additional trophy and prizes and this is how it works: After we close the awards for new submission we will enter the voting phase, where your entries are being judged by our jury. This will take about three month’s. Yeah, we know that is a long time, but our judges have a very busy schedule and we are delighted that they take the time to review your entries. So we don’t want to pressure them.

To shorten that time for you guys, we came up with the people’s choice award 2012 where you can have your friends, colleagues, family, followers on twitter, facebook friends … to vote for your entries. The submission with the most votes, will be crowned with the people’s choice award in October, when we announce the winners. This prize entitles you to the same prizes and trophy as the other categories so don’t hold back.

Music Artwork Design 

Includes all artwork relating to a music single or album whether printed sleeves or digital artwork seen online such as iTunes or Spotify.

Logo / Brand Design 

Submissions can include any logo or brand design.

Website Design

Submissions can include Flash, non-Flash, mobile versions and responsive/fluid website designs, web-apps.

Design for Print 

Submissions can include all forms of printed material such as posters, leaflets, flyers, billboards, banners, business cards, folders etc.

Designer/ Agency of the year

The entrant with the highest average score from all the submitted work will claim this trophy. Scoring will be through our jury.

Digital Art 

Submissions can include all forms of digital art whether a personal project or for a client.

Lifetime Achievement 

Our jury will each nominate an outstanding candidate and you get the chance to vote for your favourite. Candidate with most votes wins.

TV/Movie Artwork Design

Submissions can include all movie and television posters whether for print, digital or the new motion posters. DVD sleeves can also be submitted.

Packaging Design 

Submissions can include packaging labels, boxing, bespoke packaging, video game packaging. DVD packaging should be submitted into the Movie/TV Artwork Category.

Book Sleeve Design 

Submissions can include artwork for printed books, e-books, Kindle and iBooks.

Student award

With the student awards we give young talents the opportunity to shine. Entered can be one project of your choice which will be judged.