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BIMA – British Interactive Media Association

BIMA is the British Interactive Media Association. BIMA has represented the diverse interests of the British digital industry for 25 years.

With offices in England, Scotland, Wales and with our regional representatives spread across the country BIMA exists to do three key things

* Support and promote the British digital industry
* Share knowledge and best practice
* Reward great work and encourage the next generation

If you are involved in digital, you can benefit from being a BIMA member


Event:  September, 18 of 2014




With hundreds of organisations and individual members from all sectors of the market, BIMA provides a valuable way to keep up with developments in a fast-moving sector. BIMA provides access to market data and intelligence through links with government departments, professional bodies and holds regular talks and conferences on key industry issues


BIMA is dedicated to serving our membership in the UK and abroad. Locally, we are active in discussions with Government, leading industry players and other partner associations. Globally, we represent and champion the UK multimedia industry.
BIMA is constantly expanding and redefining its activities to better represent the needs of its members. Please let us know what yours are by dropping an email to us here.

The 2014 Sectors Awards:

  • Battle of brands : Go head-to-head with the best campaigns and projects for established, recognised brands and their challengers – be it for performance cars or pocket tissues.
  • Business is business: Projects that provide or promote business-to-business products or services. Judges will be looking for evidence of the unique value added by digital media.
  • Corporate: If your client wears a suit, your work might be suited for entry in this category. Could include (but not limited to) projects for financial services, telecoms & tech, retail etc.
  • Education & outreach: Projects that inform or support target groups that may be difficult to reach using traditional methods, with special attention given to creating lasting engagement. Socially valuable and digital inclusion projects are encouraged to enter.
  • Entertainment: Projects that provide or promote media or entertainment-related products or services, or projects that directly entertain a target audience should be entered here.
  • Leisure & culture: Work promoting or providing leisure or travel products or services or extending the reach of arts and culture to a wider audience.
  • Publics life: Projects or campaigns for public bodies or the public good. Could include (but is not limited to) projects for government, public sector, charities, not-for-profit organisations, cultural institutions and health/healthcare.