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Gloo Design Agency

Gloo Design Agency

They’re a team of creatives. They help their clients communicate through the growing areas of digital media. They’ve received numerous local and international awards. They have a band called the Gloonies. They like to make cool stuff & we make the complex, simple.

Gloo Stad
3rd Floor
30 Chiappini Street
South Africa
+27 21 480 0633 (t)
+27 21 480 0685 (f)

Gloo Burg
The Workshop (South Block)
70 Seventh Ave
Parktown North
South Africa
+27 11 507 3800 | +27 11 380 6100 (t)
+27 11 447 0144 (f)


Gloo is a design agency with a digital twist. Whilst embracing traditional mediums, Gloo looks beyond to the growing digital media space. An ideas driven, design focused and strategically minded agency, leading the design landscape of the South African broadband revolution.

As media platforms merge (TV, Mobile and Internet), digital is being recognized as an increasingly effective tool within the marketing mix. With its unique experience and a fresh approach to design, Gloo is harnessing digital mediums to help their clients stand out from the crowd.

Despite its name only being born in 2005, Gloo’s talented staff has been creating world class design solutions for over 20 years. From the earliest interactive CDroms and websites in Europe, to the latest viral campaigns and interactive television solutions launching in our local market today.

Proud to be South Africa’s most creatively awarded digital agency and also recognized as the Digital Design Agency of the year, in both 2007 and 2008 by FinWeek’s prestigious agency review.

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Gloo specialises in the creation of digital campaign solutions for all sectors of business. Services include strategy, design and the technical development of solutions across the relevant digital media space.

Gloo’s innovative work can be seen on the internet, cell phones, television, broadband, PDA platforms, touch screen kiosks and on many emerging technologies. Gloo’s portfolio includes interface and communication design for interactive audio visuals, CDroms, DVDs, interactive television, website design, viral video, direct email campaigns, interactive game design, to fully functional online applications.

Clients range from small business enterprises to international companies. This wide range of work allows the team to stay at the cutting edge of industry trends, whilst simultaneously guaranteeing clients the latest creative understanding, thinking and solutions for their brand.

Gloo recognises the need and importance for clients to own communication that differentiates them from the others trading in the same media space. Importantly, Gloo also has the proven ability and experience to use the latest technologies to communicate ideas effectively to targeted audiences.

The result is a fresh and innovative approach to every project, with unique and targeted solutions, backed by strong concept – not just pretty pictures.

Gloo is creatively led by Pete Case, who is one of six opinion leaders in the industry, currently steering the formation of The Digital Forum, which is an organization aiming to formulate standards and guide the digital industry forward.

Case and his creative team have won numerous awards including: Cannes, Echo (DMA), The Emmy’s, Promax/BDA, D&AD, CLIOs, The New York Advertising Festival, The Design Indaba Awards, Assegai, Caples, Webby, The Bookmarks and The Loerie Awards.

As a result of Gloo’s experience, Case has been asked to judge many creative competitions, which include; The One Show (USA), Clio’s (USA), Loeries (SA), Cannes Lynx (Dubai) and the BDA/Promax (Europe, USA and SA). He is serving as the current Chairman for the Loerie Digital awards and has recently been appointed as the first digital creative director to the Advertising industry’s Creative Circle organization.

If you feel that Gloo’s experience may benefit your business, then please get in touch and Pete would be happy to discuss your needs, as well as present Gloo’s impressive portfolio of work.

Gloo’s creative recognition includes awards at:

Cannes (EUR), D&AD (UK), Echo/DMA (USA), The Emmy’s (USA), Promax/BDA (USA & SA), CLIOs (USA), The New York Advertising Festival (USA), The Design Indaba Awards (SA), Assegai (SA), Caples (EUR), Webby (USA), The Bookmarks (SA) and The Loerie Awards (SA