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10 ideas for your Team Building activities

For involving your collaborative tasks or just for enhancing social relations, we need to think about how could we engage more our digital crew. In most cases, a team building activity will include communication and participation within each one has his own role to play.

Here we share with you some ideas and guide to help you choose for your team. So get ready, get set and go have fun!

1. A climbing session

At Volume they found the good idea to do a climbing session together. Why not? For improving trust and collaboration into your team, it’s smart!

2. A festive weekend all together

At Bam Creative, they used to celebrate each moment together. After having created their own hashtag #LIFEATBAM, their team don’t hesitate to share all celebrations they made.

3. A paintball party

For building their team spirit, at Infinum they decided to make a paintball party. We hope that everyone, girls and guys, have enjoyed it!

4. The classic football tournament, after work!

We all know this idea about running a tournament for big teams! We love to follow what’s happen at Disko, and it seems to be a success for them.

5. A creative trip all together

At Wunderman they understood how much it’s important to live experience. Their whole team has traveled to Amsterdam to be all together. That’s awesome!

6. Or a ski trip

At Mobiento they decided to enjoy each season together. A ski trip, why not!

7. An Escape Room, as a known fact

It’s sound to be a new tendency to invite our team to an escape room. At Creode, they did it, but have they resolved the enigma?

8. An evening social with another escape room more thriled?

At Senior Internet, they also decided to go to an escape room. But a sensational one…

9. A baking session

In all team we always have this one person who loves baking. At Redweb, they found this perfect one after a sweet competition.

10. Supporting a cause

Supporting a cause is a good way to create a team culture. Feeling part of something bigger than us is always a good feeling for all the team. At VCCP they decided to support an international child charity. That’s beautiful!

There are lots of ways to build a passionate team. If you have found yours, do not hesitate to share with us! #digitalagency