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Meet the Swiss Agency that is Vertical-studio

Lausanne, June 13th, 2016

David-Corthay-SwissLocated in the beautiful Swiss Alps region, Vertical-studio is a small digital agency with offices in Lausanne and Verbier. Serving mostly Swiss-based clients, Vertical-studio has been around since 2013 and now includes five employees who all passionate about design and new technologies. Vertical-studio is an agency that truly understands digital. The team realizes that to be a digital agency it is much more than just digital marketing. This concept of digital integrates into daily life and is the framework that allows individuals to reimagine daily life.

An advocate for this frame of thought is Vertical-studio Founder and Experience Designer David Corthay. As a university student in the field of human-computer interaction, David began digital work by beginning this research. He worked for a while on crafting digital experiences in banking industry, but eventually went on to found Vertical-studio. With more room for creativity, Vertical-studio has been crafting successful and thought-provoking digital campaigns for its various clients. We chatted with David to get his thoughts on the near future of digital and learn about some of the things that inspire this talented agency.

In your opinion, what ingredients are key to create a successful digital campaign?

Difficult to list the ingredients because our strategies are not like recipe. But let’s say that a key point is to set goals for success beyond the digital, in the whole customer experience.

Describe your agency in three words:

Empathetic. Holistic. Innovative.

What project presented a difficult challenge for your team?

Each project represents a difficulty for different reasons. We recently redesigned a digital service dedicated to urban mobility The main challenge was to understand and capture the real motivations of users to design a useful and desirable digital product. We have put in place specific tools to measure customer experience expectations.

What is a campaign you worked on that was especially successful and why?

We fortunately found success on many of our projects. Vertical-Studio-Quote1Perhaps the project that gives us more recognition is that we started two years ago to create the digital presence of the first alpine shopping complex in Switzerland. We have implemented a brand ecosystem linking intelligently the customer journey to the potential of digital. In this sense, this project represents well our expertise in design service.

What is your personal story with Vertical-Studio?

I founded Vertical-studio three years ago. Previously I was responsible for creating digital interfaces for banking products. But I realized that I needed to create more freely and express my creativity with fewer obstacles. That’s why I decided to create my own brand.

How did you become interested in this industry? At a young age or at the university level?

My interest in the digital experience is born to university when I studied humanities at Fribourg and Geneva. I focused my research in the fields of human-computer interaction, and I started to design digital products.

Describe your daily activities at Vertical-Studio:

My daily activities are varied. I spend a lot of time with our clients to lead workshop . I develop with my team strategies and I create prototypes. I take time to find inspiration and participate in conferences.

What does the word creativity mean to you, in your own words?

Create means finding an innovative solution to a problem.

What do you do for inspiration?

We get our inspiration from other creative fields, such as architecture or fashion. This allows us to avoid the trap of the digital industry that tends to repeat itself.

Please list a few of your favorite digital brands:

Carharrt, NTS, and Red Bull.

What do you like doing in your free time ?

Skiing, reading, and trying to stay curious.

Which countries excite you most in terms of digital creativity?

Germany, UK, and USA.

Where do you see the industry going in 5 or 10 years?

It is risky to predict the future in an area that quickly turns. However, I believe that digital will continue to move from marketing toward innovation by allowing opportunities to reinvent a business, and to create experiences for brands.

What is a digital trend that is here to stay, at least for the relative time being?

The digital industry will focus more and more on the “customer experience” and will put “design thinking” at the heart of its work.

What advice do you often give to people who are starting to work in 
your same field?

I would advise perhaps to consider digital only as part of a broader experience that includes the human and his physical world. Let’s get “phygital”!


Keep up-to-date with Vertical Studio have a look the team’s Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. The agency also has its own account on Mixcloud where you can follow the playlists that keep the agency inspired!