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Coders Mill

Coders Mill

Coders Mill delivers state of the art web and mobile solutions to address the complex business problems of organizations willing to maximize effects and minimize risks. We built our experience on the basis of working with startups that are trying to create a shared vision of the business processes and adjust the opportunities that are offered by the Web to their needs. Our team comprises experienced back-end, front-end and mobile developers.

Headquarters: Coders Mill Sp. z o.o, ul. Krakusa 8, 30-535 Kraków, Poland

Tel: +48 605 177 913


Clients: 1mind, Wonderloop, Bitspiration, TeetBee, Materialination, E-nnovation, Cisco, Startup Weekend

Codersmill - Digital - Agency - Poland


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Services: Web Development, Mobile development, Android, iOS, Mobile App