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We are a digital agency focused on on connecting tribes of true fans around the products and services our customers offer : we believe in those ideas that connect with you. With locations in Switzerland, Portugal, Dubai and Venezuela and customers from all different continents.

Headquarters: Beundenfeldstrasse 33 Bern, Bern3013, Switzerland

Tel: +41 78 708 56 54


Clients: Danone, Migros, Bigcola, Felsenau, Felsenau, Frota Academy, Wheelers, Hyundai, Khatt, Alchemy Network, Aiesec, Team Nogueira, Rise Global

CoolTribes - Bern - Digital - Agency


Social Media:

Services: Digital Consultancy, Editorial Strategies, Design and Branding, CRM, eCommerce, Multimedia Content, Mobile App, Web Solutions, UX/UI, Advertising