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E-Conex is not an ordinary interactive agency. It is passion, creativity, open-mindedness and brilliant people. We used our over 25-year experience in an international and local business in creation of E-Conex interactive agency. We complete projects in the field of websites, e-commerce and e-marketing with success. We have experience, knowledge and continuous need of development. It all translates into success and satisfaction of our clients.

Headquarter: ul. Płocka 5a, 01-231 Warsaw, Poland

Tel: 48531001484


Clients: Labsarts, Europa Service, Studio22, Hydroidea, Greenpoint, Beautymission, Uniteam

E-conex - Poland - Digital - Agency


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Services: Websites, webstores, e-commerce, apps, graphic design, DTP, website administration, SEO/SEM, social media