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Forsman & Bodenfors

Forsman & Bodenfors

We started the agency in 1986 with a simple conviction: The noise is getting louder. Creativity is going to play an ever-larger role in the future in determining who gets their message out effectively. Since then everything from the agency has been about quality of communication – to create messages and brands that people talk about, feel are important and care about. We think advertising plays a role. Advertising is everywhere. It’s a part of our environment today, in the same way that architecture matters. How it looks, how it feels, how it talks to us affects our society. And businesses that understand that have an advantage.

Headquarters: Kyrkogatan 48, 5th floor, Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46 31 17 67 30


Clients: Abba, Amf, COOP, Dressman, Faktum, Fritidsresor, Göteborg posten, H&M/ IF/ IKEA/ Marabou Premium, Postnord, TELE2, Unicef, United Nations World Food Programme, Volvo

Forsman & Bodenfors - Digital - agency - Sweden


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