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Our idea is to create beautiful and functional things. In constant motion, we face new challenges and seek the best solutions possible. By putting our passions to reality, we develop our abilities and discover new horizons. Our actions not only represent passion, but also years of experience, preparations, observations, life lessons, all of these mixed with the will to create. We praise active cooperation with our Clients, exchange of opinions, arguments and mutual expectations. This very dialogue results in projects which not only observe all pre-established goals, but which are also memorable confirmations of the validity of our actions.

Headquarters: IDEA07 Studio kreatywne ul. F. Chopina 27, 85-092 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Tel: +48 696 929 929


Clients: Ford, Focus Mall, Chambord, Finalndia, Sims Lifecycle Services

Idea 07 - Poland - Digital - Agency


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Services: Web development, eCommerce, Interface Design, User Experience Design, Marketing Strategy, Creation and Production (digital, ATL, BTL), Media Planning