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Media Frontier

Media Frontier

We are a team of experienced web and app developers, graphic designers, video makers, strategic communicators, campaign designers, technology specialists and social media thinkers who give your messages digital life in the real world. We create, build, and deliver great-looking content and campaigns that inspire and engage. We also know the technical nuts and bolts, inside out. We work with many of the world’s most visible companies and organizations. We love working with new ideas, start-ups, owner-managed businesses, one-off projects and global campaigns. We help create meaningful digital connections between you and your multiple audiences. We work internationally. We also understand the real value of local.

Headquarters: 9 rue de Veyrot, 1217 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 989 5320


Clients: Nestle, UNICEF, Ben Sherman, CERN, Kofi Annan Foundation, Four Seasons, United Nations, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), ILO (International Labour Organisation), WHO (World Health Organisation)

Media Frontier - Switzerland - Digital - Agency


Social Media:

Services: Digital Communications , Creative Consultancy, Web Production , Graphic Design , Mobile ,Branding, Video & Animation, Digital Publications