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Mindshare’s greatest strength is our global network. Not just its size and spread, but its people: their depth of knowledge and the way they share information to act as one seamless, integrated team. We are active in 116 global cities, with a significant presence in every major market. And because the future arrives faster in some industries, countries, even cities, we can rapidly tailor what we learn in one sector or region to another. Which means our clients benefit from the very latest knowledge, expertise and insights they would probably otherwise be unaware of. It is this combination of a profound understanding of local issues and a common culture of intelligence and service that makes us uniquely effective. We observe, we learn, we communicate, we apply.

Headquarters: Central Saint Giles, 1 St Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8AR, UK
+ Offices in 86 countries, so 115 other cities in the worldwide, where you can find:

LATAM HQ in Miami, APAC HQ in Singapore, NTAM HQ in New York, EMEA HQ in London

Tel: +44 20 7969 4040


Clients: Jaguar, Lynk, American Express, Nike, Nestlé, Ben & Jerry’s, HSBC, Rolex, Volvo, Dyson, Unilever, Luftansa, Pepsico, Ford, LG Electronics, IBM


Social Media:

Services: Social marketing, Media planning and buying, Digital media, Content Creation and Curation, Strategy, Paid Search, Affiliates, Econometrics, SEO, Media Research