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Driven by passion… Simplico is a digital agency in Croatia specialized for branding, web design/development and advertising. We’re delivering tailor-made digital strategy for brands, startups and companies. As a fully client-oriented team — we’ll provide you our knowledge, experience and consultancy while guiding your project to success!

Headquarters: Osjecka 6, 31400 Djakovo, Croatia

Tel: +385 99 731 3890


Clients: Crosma, DalmatiaSun, Dental Center Dubravica, Humanagement, Inspecto, Isabelle, Jolly Life Wellness Center, MedicTrips, Pearlsea Yachts, Zorovic Maritime Services, Yachtio
Simplico - Digital - Spain - Agency


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Services: Branding, Digital strategy, Web design, UX/UI design, Web development, Social media, Digital Advertising, Digital tourism, Destination Marketing