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Doctor Jekyll

Doctor Jekyll

Have you ever wondered about what you should call the special feeling you get when you touch an Apple product or enjoy a meal at elBulli? It’s about what you feel when your emotions come in contact with the pure and unique essence that goes beyond what you touch, see or taste. We call it soul. We search for the essence, we research what makes it stand out from the rest and, when we find it, we assimilate it, enjoy it, polish it and turn it into the gravitational centre around which everything else orbits. We look for new ways to drive it farther and farther until we can get others to feel the way we do. Only then will we feel that it’s all been worth it. We create products with soul.

Headquarters: Carrer de Bertrellans 2, Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 932 42 01 80


Staff: 8-20

Clients: Ronald McDonalds Foundation, Cushman & Wakefield, Hupclub, Trolldor



Social Media:

Services: Marketing online, Web development, App development, UI, UX, Growth Hacking, Design Thinking