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iMeelZ is the answer the current Spanish digital market. In the new virtual panorama, success is: being first. A notoriety achieved through an efficient management of the brand, and the creation, the diffusion of a clear and compelling message that generates for the user an unforgettable experience.  A strategic move that passes through a masterful combination of the three protagonists of the story: Branding , Marketing and Communication inbound! Here we are!

Headquarters: Calle Arroyo de los Ángeles 50, Málaga, Spain

Tel: +34 609 531 363


Staff: Less than 8

Clients: Restaurante Toro, Ayuntamiento de Ojén, Monte Aventura, Restaurantes Puerto Marina



Social Media:

Services: Corporate Branding, Inbound Marketing, Communication, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, SEO, Content Management, Strategic Marketing, Advertising