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We’re striving to change the business of communication and the way companies communicate. We strongly believe that information is the center of modern communication, not advertising. That’s why we proclaim that the overall communicative strategy should come from the digital agencies, not from the ad agencies. In everything we do, we strive to lead the digital revolution in how companies communicate. We do it by fusing the digital evolution with branding know-how. That is why we focus on creating strategic digital communication for companies who strive for a leading position.

Headquarters Kommendörsgatan 30, 114 48 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: 08-515 10 550


Clients: Ericsson, Koenigsegg, Neonode, Triwa, OK, Centuri

Stormfors - Digital - agency - sweden


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Services: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Campaigns, Communication Strategy, Brand Platforms, Market Positioning