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Agence LunaWeb

Agence LunaWeb

Since 2004, LunaWeb advises and accompanies brands in the production of successful Web interfaces. Of the strategic analysis in the technical development, we favor an approach centered on the end user. The observation of the behavior leads to the optimization of the conversion. We conceive and produce Web solutions aiming at an optimal user experience. Our agency counts 11 talents today. The agency  is present in Rennes, Nantes and Paris.

Headquarters: 40 Boulevard de la Tour d’Auvergne, Parc d’Affaires de la Cité, 35000 Rennes, France

Tel: +33 2 53 35 50 60


Clients: Payot, Tan, Ouest France, France 5, Crédit Agricole, Namque Populaire, U, Groupama, Thélem, Malakoff Médéric

LunaWeb - Digital - agency - Paris


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Services: Strategic Support, Innovation, Competitive Study, Technical and Functional Analysis, Content Strategy, Natural Referencing, Projects Managements, Web Campaigns, Adaptive Mobile Conception, Technical, Performance Optimization, Technical Maintenance, Web Design, User Experience