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Digital Passengers

Digital Passengers

After several years as consultants specialized in digital strategy and agencies, we found ourselves around a common will: to bring digital to a more rational and more “business centric” approach. At Digital Passengers, we know how to design your sites and applications, but our real value lies in our ability to guide you to approach your projects with a true business vision and to work with you and for you.

Headquarters: 22 rue Minvielle, Bordeaux, France

Phone: 0615456684

Staff: less than 8

Clients: Oliphil, Novespace, La Poste, Boogi, Chambre d’agriculture, Taxteam & conseil, Festival Big Bang, JEM Design, Le Vrai Site, LMP Santé, Alliance Entreprendre, Sud Radio, My Kingdom, Match Immo.

Digital Passengers - France - Agency - Digital

Contact Name: Marc Noël

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Services: Analyser vos données et KPi, fidéliser vos clients, conversion e-commerce, améliorer votre audience et visibilité, recruter des contacts en ligne, acquisition d’utilisateurs mobile, formation professionnelle