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Wivern Digital

Wivern Digital

We create original story arcs using new or existing corporate concepts, projects and IP to engage users by treating them like an audience. That may mean creating an artistic short film about key project leaders as they seek to implement innovations in the field. It could be a portrait that shows the making of (and successful results) of an innovative undertaking. It could also be an infotaining, highly shareable animated video about a term associated with your industry that you then sponsor. Our core skill is developing mascots to be the animated, friendly face of your company. Just name your desired customer contact point, and we’ll build a lovable protagonist and story arc that connects them with your users, clients, fans and customers. Short, snappy, highly shareable skits and cartoons are our favourite.

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Tel: 01771597999


Staff: less than 8

Clients: RBB Media Berlin, Beatrice von Treskow UK, Cheapflights UK, Frankfurter Buchmesse


Social Media:

Services: Creative Direction, Music Videos, Interactive Campaigns, Online Commercial Shorts, Scripting and Narration, Corporate and Educational Video Production, Website Development and Production, Viral Development, Strategic Digital Storytelling Consultation