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ZOO is a creative digital agency. But we like to think of ourselves as a bit more than that. When we started the company, we took the decision to only employ experienced designers, coders, planners and managers so that we can bring an unrivaled level and diversity of skills to every project we do, a small team with massive ideas. Our ethos is quite simple, to make our clients and their customers happy by producing the most innovative, interactive and engaging work we can.

Headquarters: 19-20 Denzille Lane Dublin 2 Ireland

Tel: + 353 1 525 0950


Clients: Domestos, Lynx, Microsoft, Dove, Danone, Unilever, Innoncent, Pfizer

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Services: Web development, Web Design, Hosting, Content Management, Video Creation, Online Adds, Facebook Campaigns, SEO, Data Analysis, Mobile Apps.